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Why is my hair thinning?

Is your part widening? Is your ponytail getting thinner? Do you find hair everywhere? These are early warning signs of excessive shedding. Clogged follicles are to blame.
Shampoos & conditioners with waxy, synthetic ingredients and sticky, greasy styling products can cause heavy buildup on hair and scalp.

You can lose up to 50% of your hair without it being noticeable to the naked eye.

How Hair Apparent works:

The Follicle Renewal Tonic is the crème de la crème of proven ingredients from around the world. It removes years of product buildup and corrects unhealthy scalp conditions to create the healthiest environment for hair growth.
The Cosmetic Laser Comb increases circulation and reduces inflammation. With buildup removed the soothing light energy is able to penetrate deeper each time for thicker, healthier hair.
Works for all ages and ethnicities.

Real stories, real results.

All women in our volunteer group had positive results. What will Hair Apparent do for you? Imagine thicker, healthier hair with less shedding. Improved confidence. Compliments guaranteed!

Scalp-cam at 100x magnification.


Hair unable to thrive due to clogged follicles. Hair produced is thin and lifeless. Difficult to achieve length.


Buildup removed and unhealthy scalp conditions corrected. Healthy, clean follicles allow growth.